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'Date Night' Special Exhibit at the Orange County Historical Museum

The Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce is excited to promote our partner Orange County History Museum's "Date Night" event!

Join curator Courtney Smith at the Orange County Historical Museum for the virtual opening night event of the newest upcoming special exhibit Date Night! Crowdsourced from the local community, this exhibit showcases the social history of Orange County, NC, and the food, fashion, music, and fun that went with dating in Orange County during the 20th century.

After the curator event, "Date Night" will be a town-wide celebration of the different styles of dates that people went on throughout the 1900s. Participation is open to businesses in downtown Hillsborough! If you have any artifacts from 1900-1999 that you would like to loan to the Museum for 'Date Night', or you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor for this or future exhibits, please contact Curator Courtney Smith at

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